Ásdís Sif

asdissif_skype.jpg“Icelandic performance based artist, Asdis Sif Gunnarsdottir creates beautiful and complex sets to create a physical state of mind. Her installations are an excerpt from her cinematic performances. They are filled with random items such as mirrors, ribbons, glitter and many times include projections both on the walls and floor. As she notes, “I feel that there is a constant flow between performance and video art. I often bring performance into my installations, like dress up in the same colors as the work, and just lie on the floor like a ghost while the viewers walk by.”

Her narratives are aesthetically beautiful and emotionally complex. The underlying mood of these “video poems” is captured by the vibrant reds, blues and greens reflected against the dark aura of the Icelandic winter. On ocassion, she seems to have popped up from a Japanese Manga or from the Scandinavian version of heroine multi-media goddess, Lara Croft. Asdis never drifts out of character and masterfully combines the Nordic sense of melancholia with fantasy and wit as she deals with her refusal of leaving the “girl”. ”

Mariangela Capuzzo
Independent Curator


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