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Posted in art, ice on April 3, 2008 by badtaste4ever

Bad Taste 4 Ever is an evening of art of edge cutting, music and literature. Everything is possible during the night as there will be a crossing of cultures, disciplines and people.

Did we forget to put into the first sentence that we all come from Iceland?

Yes we think so. And we did so. We all come from Iceland as if it matters, it does in our case as we speak foreign.We don’t act foreign.
We are at home at Bozar, giving our best, showing our best, and being our worst!
The date is set for this event: 30.04.2008 & those confirmed for the evening have posted here on the blog:

Ragnar Kjartansson Murdering Saga

Posted in art, ragnar kjartansson on February 21, 2008 by badtaste4ever

Ragnar Kjartansson

Ragnar Kjartansson is born 1976. He was conceived on the set of Iceland’s first erotic thriller called “Morðsaga”. In the movie there is a love scene where his mother plays a lonely housewife and his father a plumber coming to fix the dishwasher.

So right from the begining his life has been surrounded by acting and actors, make belive and showbiz wich are essential elements in his art.

Ragnar gratuated from the Reykjavík Housewife school in 1997 and from the Icelandic Art Academy in 2001. He has held some twelve solo exhibitions and participated in over thirty groupshows. In his art Ragnar works simultaniously in performances, video, paintings and sculpture.

Ragnar has also been in active in Reykjavík’s music scene with bands such as Kosý, Kanada, Funerals and Trabant. Ragnar will represent Iceland in the Venice Bienale in 2009.

Kristín Svava Tómasdóttir

Posted in art, kristín svava tómasdóttir, literature on January 21, 2008 by badtaste4ever

Krist�n Svava
Kristín Svava Tómasdóttir: bourgeoise poet and former militant mailman.
Has published one book of poetry, Blótgælur (2007).

caressing myself with a Bacardi machine gun
hangover crawling like sun lotion
I´ll see you in action movies
perhaps on mountain tops

a frame made of poet
removed from
a sugarcoated mine

me and idealistic girls
used to many things
slender or bearded

we seek intestines
from sugarcoated mines

Finnbogi Pétursson

Posted in art, artists, finnbogi pétursson, music on January 21, 2008 by badtaste4ever

My works are an acoustic image of the present. They look at time. What is actually happening now when movement occurs? The feedback phenomenon is used as a very decisive time factor in my work. I have been preoccupied chasing things that one doesn’t notice but are present nevertheless, such as radio waves, light and sound.

finnbogi_exhibit.pngI attempt to obtain these and make shapes out of them, directed at specific, previously-decided routes which I choose, to a particular space and in a particular arrangement in the space. Wave transmission is so much a part of the air that we see nothing else if they are made visible, as the air is packed with these waves.


Ásdís Sif

Posted in art, artists, ásdís sif on January 21, 2008 by badtaste4ever

asdissif_skype.jpg“Icelandic performance based artist, Asdis Sif Gunnarsdottir creates beautiful and complex sets to create a physical state of mind. Her installations are an excerpt from her cinematic performances. They are filled with random items such as mirrors, ribbons, glitter and many times include projections both on the walls and floor. As she notes, “I feel that there is a constant flow between performance and video art. I often bring performance into my installations, like dress up in the same colors as the work, and just lie on the floor like a ghost while the viewers walk by.”

Her narratives are aesthetically beautiful and emotionally complex. The underlying mood of these “video poems” is captured by the vibrant reds, blues and greens reflected against the dark aura of the Icelandic winter. On ocassion, she seems to have popped up from a Japanese Manga or from the Scandinavian version of heroine multi-media goddess, Lara Croft. Asdis never drifts out of character and masterfully combines the Nordic sense of melancholia with fantasy and wit as she deals with her refusal of leaving the “girl”. ”

Mariangela Capuzzo
Independent Curator

Ragnar Kjartansson

Posted in art, artists, ragnar kjartansson on January 21, 2008 by badtaste4ever

ragnarkjartanssonn.png“I will show a video of mine “Guilt Trip”. It is a ten minute long video piece which shows Iceland´s most loved comedian Laddi walking through a highland wilderness in winter. He is wearing a dark coat, holds a yellow bag and is shooting into nothingness with a powerful shotgun.
During the Bad Taste night I will be performing with various artists. Then I am planning a live performance during the evening. It will be technically simple but may require a sound system and a mic and one spotlight”

Einar Örn – as a curator

Posted in art, curator, einar örn, ghostigital on January 21, 2008 by badtaste4ever

einar as a curatorEinar Örn Benediktsson, a “master” of bad taste, has been given carte blanche to organise an edgy, surprising evening.Einar Örn used to sing in purrkur pillnikk, kukl and the Sugarcubes. Today he is now known for his project Ghostigital.

Co-founder of the Smekkleysa SM record label and publishing house.

His latest work is Radium and the book The Fitting in which he did the illustrations and Bragi Ólafsson wrote the prose.

“Q: How does the landscape and nature of Iceland affect your art, Einar?
A: Not at all, with friends like these!”