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Posted in artists, kimono, music on January 21, 2008 by badtaste4ever

alex-ship.jpgkimono is progressive rock movement hailing from Reykjavik, Iceland and Halifax, Nova Scotia.Their dark sound, some might say, is the result of short hours of daylight in places like Iceland and Nova Scotia.However, there is a glitter of hope underlying in their songs, hope of better times best portraied thru the surrealistic lyrics of Alex MacNeil. They have sometimes been called “the guitarplayers´ dream” to see live, probably due to the unbelievable weaving of layers of guitarlines by MacNeil and Gylfi Blöndal.kimono was formed as a 4 piece rock band in 2001 by Gylfi Blöndal (guitar), Alex MacNeil (guitar and vocals), Kjartan Bragi Bjarnason (drums) and Halldór Örn Ragnarsson (bass). With this line-up they released their debut in 2003 (“Mineur Aggressif”), the critically acclaimed “Arctic Death Ship” in 2005 and the experimental “Curver+kimono” in 2007, the last one in collaboration with Icelandic producer Curver (of Ghostigital amongts others).2007 saw the departure of Halldór from the band to pursue a career in the fine arts and since then the band has been recording a new album as a trio, with Gylfi switching from guitar to baritone guitar.kimono took up residence in Berlin in 2005 and toured extensively around Germany, England, Ireland, Austria and Switzerland to follow up the release of “Arctic Death Ship” on the mainland. They reaped glorified reviews for both the album and their live shows from countless medias and were, for instance, written up as one of the 10 bands to watch in 2006 in Germany by the countrys largest music publication, Intro.kimono´s official website is