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Lay Low

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The inimitable husky tones of Iceland’s Lay Low to hit the headlines will penetrate your heart as fast your ears.  Combining kooky northern charm with smoky bar-room blues, Lay Low has taken the Icelandic music scene by storm and is all set to blow a few minds across the sea as well.

Described as a country-blues balladeer and a breath of fresh air, Lay Low is in fact the 24-year-old Lovisa Elisabet.  Her debut album “Please Don´t Hate Me” has been topping the Icelandic charts since its release in October 2006, delighting the country’s critics and music lovers alike.  The album was the most sold original album in Iceland 2006 and is reaching platinum every minute now.  Nominated for four of the 2006 Icelandic Music Awards, Lay Low received more nominations than any other musician, which is pretty cool and she eventually went home with 3 awards.

Lay Low’s rapid rise to relative stardom has a touch of fairytale magic to it.  She quietly uploaded a few songs onto “MySpace” and within a very short time things started to take off.  Longtime friend and musician Magnús Öder co-produced the album with Lovisa, mixing the final sounds of keyboards, slide-guitar and banjo among others, playing many of the instruments himself.  Her other longtime friends Bassi and Sibbi played drums and banjo on the album and all of them three;  Magnus, Bassi and Sibbi join her live.

An intoxicating mixture of blues, country and a gentle sound all of her own, Lay Low has attracted a lot of well deserved attention with “Please Don’t Hate Me”, an impressive debut by anyone’s standards.  “Beautiful arrangements, a natural charm, sincere soulful blues and bare bone ballads” – the praise continues to flow from many quarters for this distinctive singer/songwriter who hails from Reykjavik.

With a musical maturity beyond her years, Lay Low has delivered some fine compositions.  Authentic and compelling, her live performances create a stir to match that surrounding the recorded offerings.  The world beckons, so watch out for her on tour in your neck of the woods.  Laid back she may be, but Lovisa and her boys won’t be allowed to lay low for very long.

Lay Low has been traveling the world this year performing at Midem in Cannes, by:Larm in Norway, The Great Escape in Brighton, Los Angeles, New York, London, PopKomm plus a UK tour in November/December.


On top of all this above then Lay Low made her debut appearance in theater when she took on the role as music director for the Pulitzer Prize play “How I Learned to Drive” written by Paula Vogel.  Not only did Lay Low write the music for the play but ended up performing it on stage with great reviews.  The play has been sold out from show one and stopped for a full house at the end of February.  The play was staged at the theater in Akureyri which is on the north side of Iceland.  The music from the play has just been released on CD and it includes five new original tracks in Icelandic from Lay Low plus eight Dolly Parton cover in Lay Low style.  Its been an instant hit and its just embarrasing how much its played on the radio . . .

Lay Low has already started work on her next album.  She went to London in February to work with producer Liam Watson at Toe Rag Studios.  They did two tracks together to feel the vibe on each other and vibe was good so a full album session is scheduled in June.



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RetrönStaring out as a video game, then as a visual buffalo fest, Retrön now is a full blown rock and roll band with visual buffalo frying elements. Thunderous spiritual drumming combined with two guitars called Volume and Loudness.

Think of Thin Lizzy and Lightning Bolt combined with a Nintendo cartridge about Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. The essence of pure overdose of death itself.
The visual part is best described as epilepsy with fantasy elements

Finnbogi Pétursson

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My works are an acoustic image of the present. They look at time. What is actually happening now when movement occurs? The feedback phenomenon is used as a very decisive time factor in my work. I have been preoccupied chasing things that one doesn’t notice but are present nevertheless, such as radio waves, light and sound.

finnbogi_exhibit.pngI attempt to obtain these and make shapes out of them, directed at specific, previously-decided routes which I choose, to a particular space and in a particular arrangement in the space. Wave transmission is so much a part of the air that we see nothing else if they are made visible, as the air is packed with these waves.



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ghostigital_einarorn.jpgGhostigital purveyors of quality silence, preaching the gospel of the thundering sparkles. Its members Einar Örn and Curver do not call everything their grandmother. With electric tongues and elastic words they emit sounds not unfamiliar to pouring cereals onto milk in a bowl.

They have recorded two albums, Ghostigital and In Cod We Trust and just relesed Radium with Finnbogi Pétursson. Currently they are recording their 3rd album in Reykjavik and New York with guests Alan Vega and King Buzzo.


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steintryggur_2.jpgSteintryggur is a collaboration between rhythm afficianados Sigtryggur Baldursson and Steingrimur Guðmundsson where they channel their inspirations and run them through the blender of Australian Ben Frost.

The new CD “trappa” mixes together the duos organic beats and all sorts of instrumental flavors like turkish stringmaster Hadji Tekbilek on oud and saz, and features the vocal talents of Huun Huur Tu from Tuva and the Skálholt Childrens Choir from Iceland.

Experimental music has never been less boring.

DJ Magic

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gisligaldur_djmagic.jpgGísli Galdur Thorgeirsson is a DJ and a musician. He´s been in several bands such as Trabant, Ghostigital and Motion Boys as well as working on his own solo stuff. He often plays with weird sounds and heavy beats and uses amongst others the scratch form to deliver it to the ears of public. He has played many concerts all around the world and collaborated with musician´s, dj´s and artist´s of all sorts of kind.


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StilluppsteypaStilluppsteypaStilluppsteypa is a duo of soundsculpture and visual artists (Helgi Thorsson and Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson) known for collaborating with a wide range of experimental musicians. The group has worked with The Hafler Trio, Nurse With Wound, Zoviet France, and Stock, Hausen, and Walkman. Their music is improvised for the most part, andthey have no qualms about using any sound source they can get theirhands on. What makes Stilluppsteypa unique is their ability to meld disparate elements together to make interesting and cohesive compositions.